Summer Solstice Sunday Dance

"We will dance outdoors embodying the freedom of the butterflies & hummingbirds."

Summer Solstice June 21st

Time: 9:30-10:30am  (I invite you to stay after for tea and sharing.)

Place: Outdoors in Peterborough

Cost: I feel it's important for people to come together to move. Pay what you can or nothing at all

Proceeds will go to End 68 Hours of Hunger. Click HERE to learn more

Paypal or Venmo Suggested $5 donation

Email me for more info

Dance Intimate: We explore our relationship with the body as a dancing shape field moving in space.

Dance Communion: The dancer begins to open his (her) field to association and inspiration to one other.

Dance Community: Dancers begin to move in ever widening circles, receiving, giving information and inspiration to the larger dance happening all around them. This landscape is an invitation to see how we are all connected.

Dance Infinite: What happens in the dance room is a practice for the everyday dance in the living world. We move out from the dance room with an opportunity to send outward all benefit we may have received.

No experience needed and there are no specific patterns of movement to follow. Just a willingness to show up and remain present to what is being danced through you. We will move to a variety of music, allowing everything to move through us and encouraging our bodies to play with what is alive in the dance. Open to all levels of experience, there is no wrong way to move.

I love moving through space with alive contact and connection in my body, embodied freedom and playfulness!

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