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Rhythms of the Heart

Saturday March 30th


What if we allowed just a little bit of light to shine through the cracks of our being to expand and expose our hearts longings and desires? Learning from the inside out we use movement and vibration to soften our protective shells and invite our hearts to show its luminosity with love and grief. Allowing light to shine through our imperfections

and encourage a flowering of our human condition. 

In this workshop we set aside time and make the intention to access our deeper knowing. 

We utilize sacred geometry, sound, drumming, expressive gestures and dance to poetically transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary. We ground ourselves in the dances of

spaciousness, relationships and sacredness.

We meet the moment creatively, in an atmosphere of love, moving together at the speed of trust. Looking toward the body to reveal, rather than conceal the way of the heart.

It takes courage to meet the moment creatively. Together we create a safe, sacred container to explore with curiosity, wonder and awe the breadth of the heart’s wisdom.


Tao of Dance  /  Rhythms of the Heart


Time: 1pm - 4pm

Where: Peterborough Town Library  2 Granite St. Peterborough NH 03458

Payment links:


Venmo @Alexandra-Walker-29

To pay by check, write it out to:

Alexandra Walker

128 Elm Hill Road

Peterborough, NH 03458


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