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Women's Full Moon Meditation, Dance & Gong Bath


There is a beautiful full moon in Libra happening Friday April 19th.  In pagan traditions it is called a Wind Moon or a Pink Moon. Both of these names refer to the changes in nature that occur this time of year. The Spring winds stir up seeds and pollen of newly budding plants. It is a beautiful time to mark the change of seasons and an opportunity to plant a seed

of intention of something you want to bring into your life.

Sarah Aborn and Alex Walker join forces for a special Women’s Full Moon Meditation, Dance & Gong Bath event. With this moon in Libra we have the opportunity to bring balance to our relationships & partnerships and to look at how we relate to the outside world. Meditating and dancing this full moon means putting emphasis on our communion landscapes. What happens when I relate to another person? Where do I feel my energy? Which part of my body is talking to me? And what, is this body part telling me?

Join us for a special night of meditating and dancing with a wonderful gong bath for integration.

•Women only•

Date: Friday April 19th

Time: 7-8:30pm

Location: Bodyworks Depot Square Peterborough

Price: $10 suggested donation

EMAIL me to sign up

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